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Spring Cleaning for Your Lawn

Orlando mower parts helps you get ready for spring

Spring is a time of rebirth; a time when nature shakes away the sleepiness of winter and gets back to work. People behave in much the same way, if you think about it: we relax over the winter holiday, then start getting plans back in order when the new year comes around. One chore that tops many homeowners’ spring to-do lists is a thorough spring cleaning. Here at Gator Mower Parts, we think your yard deserves a good spring cleanup, as well.

The Orlando mower parts team at Gator urges you to get a plan together for your lawn and gardening today, as summer and the heavy growing season will be here before we know it. Here are 3 tips to help you spring clean your yard:

  1. Move any furniture and objects that haven’t been moved in a long time. Whether it’s a kiddie pool that you never put away or your trusty patio chair in your favorite spot, there are probably a few items in your yard that are smothering patches of your grass. Make sure to pick up and move any moveable items and assess the damage - if you’ve left them for too long, you may need to reseed.

  2. Give your grass a deep rake. We know you probably already raked in fall, but it’s a good idea to really get into the soil in the spring. This helps to remove any thatch and dead grass that could prevent the healthy grass from getting the nutrients it needs. Use a sturdy yard rake and don’t be afraid to go deep - you’ll give your yard a mini-aeration in the process.

  3. Start mulching or composting. What do you do with all that organic debris after you’ve cleaned it up? Don’t throw it away - put it to good use. Much of your grass clippings, dead twigs, and other organic matter can be composted or mulched to help keep your garden beds neat and tidy. You can also mulch grass clippings directly on the lawn after mowing for an extra nutrient boost.

Once you’ve cleaned up your lawn space, it’s time to mow! To make sure your grass stays in good shape, be sure your blades are sharpened and your mower has been serviced recently. Not sure when your mower last got a little TLC? Get in touch with Gator Mower Parts and schedule a tune-up. Call us at 407-260-1292 today.

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