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The 4 Biggest Trends in Lawn Equipment, Care, and Landscaping

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Lush Lawns are Always in Style

The lawn care and landscaping industry is one that has shown incredible resilience and even growth in the face of widespread economic uncertainty. According to The Lawn Review, the market size of the landscaping industry in the U.S. recently reached nearly $130 billion, and employment in lawn care is expected to grow 10% between now and 2029. All the statistics point to the fact that landscaping remains in high demand with no signs of slowing down–which means that people appreciate their lush, green lawns and landscapes.

While a verdant lawn is the industry standard for lawn care and landscaping, current trends can affect the way you run your landscaping company as well as what potential clients may be looking for. We’ve seen a number of trends arise in 2023, a year that promises significant growth for landscaping companies around the country. Here are just a few we’ve noticed so far:

Xeriscaping and Native Landscaping

Across the country, the cost of living has gone up and homeowners are doing what they can to save money. What’s more, eco-friendliness has taken a major focus for home building and maintenance tools and procedures. That’s where native landscaping and xeriscaping come in. Both of these techniques help homeowners save water, which helps reduce monthly utility bills while reducing the amount of water spent on yard upkeep.

As a landscaping professional, becoming familiar with Florida native flora can really differentiate your company from the competition. If you can design and maintain your customers’ lawns with wallet- and eco-friendliness in mind, you can be sure that the word will spread about the difference you’re making in the landscape of the neighborhood.

Battery-Operated Lawn Equipment

We’ve discussed battery-operated lawn equipment a few times before, and as time continues to pass, the technology continues to improve. While battery-powered lawn mowers were once relegated to quick sessions across small areas, battery life and power has improved enough that many companies have released professional-grade battery-powered equipment. This gives you the opportunity to thrive in that eco-friendly space we mentioned earlier. Your clients may also appreciate quieter sessions with no fuel odors.

All-in-One Service

While bundling services is nothing new, many homeowners are looking for a one-stop solution when it comes to their home’s curb appeal. Your landscaping company may get a boost by offering additional services like pressure washing, fertilizer application, aeration, and beyond. This is a great avenue to look into if you’re ready to expand your business.

Vacation Rental Landscaping and Maintenance

Since AirBnB made a huge splash in the world of travel, more people are leasing out their secondary homes and detached suites as vacation rentals. Targeting people who own vacation rental properties with your landscaping services can help you build a steady flow of income with relatively low-maintenance jobs. Orlando is a great place to offer this service thanks to our ever-thriving tourism industry.

Maintaining Your Equipment is a Must

Lawn care and landscaping trends may come and go, but well-maintained lawn equipment lasts (almost) forever. Keep your mowers, string trimmers, edgers, and beyond with parts and service from Gator Mower Parts. Call us at 407-260-1292 today.

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