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4 Current Trends in Lawn Care and Landscaping

Following Industry Trends Helps Boost Your Demand

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At first glance, running a lawn care business seems simple. You get the right equipment, you mow lawns and trim edges, and you return on a monthly basis for the same services. But believe it or not, the lawn care industry has changed significantly over the last decade or so. As lawn care and landscaping services explode in popularity, more technologies are being developed to make the process more efficient. What’s more, homeowners and commercial customers are increasingly paying attention to the “extra” services that lawn care companies may offer.

Following industry trends can help you boost your landscaping business to the next level. You can get deep insights into what your customers really want–and what customers want has shifted considerably over the last few decades. 

Here are some lawn care trends and insights that can help you stay in demand as the top landscaping company in your area.

Almost Half of All American Households Hire a Landscaping Service

According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, in 2017, over 40% of homeowners with yards in the U.S. hired professional landscaping companies–and that number continues to increase over time. Residential landscaping represents a majority of all landscaping business in the country. What can you take away from this? More and more Americans are turning to professionals for their lawn care needs. This is great for startups and small lawn care companies.

On the other hand, this abundance of business opportunities means that the market is saturated with fledgling companies that want to make waves in their markets. You’ll need to make sure your customer service and service quality are above average to ensure you have a steady income stream. 

The Average American is Spending More Money on Lawn Care

American homeowners’ average landscaping bill continues to grow year after year. Inflation aside, people are paying more attention to their backyards. The pandemic lockdown caused most homeowners to spend more time in their houses, creating the need for more “resort-style” outdoor living areas. This trend continues to flourish, and landscapers are in high demand. Services like shrub shaping, and flower bed maintenance are great add-ons for your regular service menu.

More People are Seeking Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Some municipalities across the country are putting restrictions on gas-powered lawn care equipment. While we don’t have any of those regulations here in Central Florida, homeowners are increasingly seeking out services and equipment that are beneficial to the environment. Currently, major mower manufacturers are offering professional-grade, battery-powered lawn care equipment, which has a much smaller carbon footprint than gas-powered equipment. If you can offer eco-friendly services, you’ll be a step ahead of your competition. 

Native Landscaping is In Demand

Many homeowners and business owners alike are turning to native landscaping for their lawns. Native plants and trees demand less water and are already primed to survive in our unique climate. Several nurseries around Central Florida specialize in native species, making them great potential partners for your landscaping business. 

Great Service is Always on Trend

While it’s beneficial to pay attention to trends like these when you’re looking to grow your landscaping company, excellent service should be the cornerstone of your business. Make sure your equipment is in great shape so you can give your customers the best possible service. For all your mower maintenance and repair needs in Orlando, call Gator Mower at 407-260-1292 today.


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