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5 Ways to Improve Property Value with Landscaping

for sale sign in neatly manicured front yard

Curb Appeal is Real

Curb appeal is more than just a buzzword in real estate. Your home’s exterior and the yard surrounding it are the first things interested buyers will see when they approach your property. You can probably imagine that a well-manicured, tidy lawn makes a much better impression than a lawn that is unkempt and covered in weeds. Furthermore, a recent study by the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscaping Association showed that good landscaping and lawn care helped increase homes’ resale value by up to 14% and reduce the time to sell by as much as six weeks.

One of the best parts about using landscaping to improve your curb appeal is that it’s incredibly cost effective. Simple tasks like mowing the lawn and eliminating weeds from flower beds can work wonders in making your home more appealing to potential buyers. But how exactly does landscaping help?

Why Potential Buyers Look for Good Landscaping

A beautiful lawn and garden can convey a lot of positive messages to potential buyers–the following are just a few.

Great landscaping can boost energy efficiency

Mature trees can help keep your home cool and comfortable naturally, so you don’t have to crank the AC quite as hard. Large, established trees are also beneficial in mitigating wind around your home.

Landscaping can naturally boost privacy

Don’t want people looking into your windows? A strategically placed tree or shrub can fix that! Well-designed landscaping can boost your privacy in a way that’s much more appealing than obtrusive walls and dividers.

A beautiful yard is the perfect place to entertain and play

Here in Central Florida, there’s nothing quite like hosting an outdoor barbecue or a kid’s birthday party in the backyard. When your house presents gorgeous landscaping right off the bat, potential buyers know they have the opportunity to host gatherings and entertain guests, which greatly boosts the overall appeal of your home.

Landscaping Features That Boost Any Home’s Value

Professional landscapers, add these services to your repertoire to provide your clients with extra value when it comes time for them to sell their homes.

Well-maintained grass and flower beds

This is the most basic home value-boosting service, but arguably the most important. Plain and simple, potential buyers appreciate the look of a neat, well-manicured lawn. Who doesn’t? Presenting a lawn that is neatly cut and free from weeds and dead plants helps create a great first impression on a potential homeowner.

An efficient irrigation system

What’s the purpose of spending all that time tidying up your yard when it’s just going to dry out under the heat of the summer? A contemporary, professionally designed irrigation system is a huge bonus for any homeowner. Many modern systems allow users to monitor and control watering from apps on their phones, but a standard control box is usually just as good. Irrigation installation can be a hugely helpful and profitable service to offer your clients.

Mature trees

It’s worth noting that mature trees generate more value than freshly planted trees, so encourage your clients to plan accordingly if they’re interested in moving in the future. Cooling, shade-generating trees are the perfect addition to any yard. Fruit-producing trees can add a great deal of appeal for anyone who appreciates the native species of Florida.

Opt for native species whenever possible

Speaking of native species, filling your clients’ yards with local, native species can help save them a great deal of money and stress. Native plants are acclimated to the local climate, so they often require fewer watering sessions and are hardier than their non-native counterparts. Native plants also tend to attract more wildlife, from birds to butterflies, making the home a lovely oasis that anyone can enjoy.

Attractive pathways

Front walkways, side walkways, garden paths–any kind of designated footpath adds a great deal of charm and beauty to your clients’ property. When you’re beautifying a walkway, try planting colorful flowers and tidy garden beds on either side of the path. Spruce things up with some path lighting and you’ll be able to help your clients present their homes in the most attractive way possible.

A Beautiful Lawn is a Great Selling Point

When you offer your clients value-boosting services like these, you’re sure to secure their business for years to come. Even if your current client is moving outside of your service area, they’re sure to recommend you to the new owners when they arrive.

When you want to offer your clients the best service, it’s important that you keep your equipment in great shape. When it’s time for lawn mower maintenance and repairs, you can count on Gator Mower Parts! To learn more, call 407-260-1292 today.

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