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4 Lawn Care Projects for the Winter Months

The Grass May Be Dormant, but You Don’t Have to Be

a hand pouring ryegrass seed into a patch of green grass

Most people consider the winter months to be relatively hands-off when it comes to lawn care and landscaping. Sure, we do have many more warm days in December than they have in neighboring states, but our grass and trees still experience dormancy each winter. However, even though the greenery may rest until the spring, that doesn’t mean you have to follow suit! 

Winter is a great time to knock out several big lawn care and landscaping projects. A pleasant winter afternoon allows you to redo a flowerbed or trim some trees without being punished by the summer sun. It also gives you the chance to prepare your yard for a fruitful spring and summer. Here are a few of the best projects to work on this winter, whether you’re a homeowner or a professional landscaper.

Mulching Trees and Flowerbeds

Mulching is probably the most helpful project you can take care of this season. Not only does it make your trees and flowerbeds look more attractive, but it also helps roots retain heat and moisture in case of frosts. Tree rings are especially helpful for young trees as they establish roots in your lawn. Just be sure you don’t mulch herbs and perennials, like rosemary and lavender, that need rocky soil for proper drainage. Too much moisture retention from mulch can lead to root rot.

Mulching is an excellent add-on service to offer your clients in the winter. Just because you’re not mowing as frequently doesn’t mean you can’t beautify clients’ lawns year-round!

Overseeding the Lawn

Overseeding is the best way to keep your lawn looking lush and green through the winter months. This process involves sowing winter-tolerant grass in your lawn so it can pick up the slack while your Bermuda or St. Augustine grass goes dormant. Many Central Florida residents choose ryegrass for winter overseeding because it grows quickly and is relatively inexpensive.

Before you overseed, you’ll want to rake your lawn, remove debris, and mow your lawn to an even length. Be sure to continue watering your lawn to help encourage the new grass seeds to grow. The grass that emerges will need to be mowed and maintained like any other variety, so your mower will stay active throughout the season.

Pruning Trees and Shrubs

When trees go dormant, they store most of their sap and nutrients closer to their root systems. Thus, pruning in winter means that you’re less likely to cause damage to your trees and shrubs. Many common pests also go dormant in the winter, so your plant is less likely to suffer infestations and disease at pruning sites. 

When pruning, you’ll want to lop off any dead, damaged, or diseased branches. When in doubt, it’s best to consult a professional about the best practices for pruning the specific tree and shrub species in your yard.

Creating an Outdoor Entertaining Space

Winter is also a great time for hardscaping so that you can enjoy entertaining outdoors when the weather is right. Here in Florida, our soil doesn’t freeze over, so we can still dig and resurface the ground without issue. Create paths and patios with pavers. Add borders to flowerbeds and walking paths. Add new lighting to gathering areas. Your imagination is your only limitation! 

Maintain Your Equipment Year-Round

Here in Central Florida, our lawn care and landscaping calendars stay full year-round! Performing regular maintenance on your equipment can help ensure you’re up to the task. If you need mower repair or maintenance in Longwood, call Gator Mower at 407-260-1292 today.

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