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Keep Your Mower Running for Years With These Simple Tips

A Good Mower is a Great Investment

When you’re looking for a new lawn mower, it can be tempting to choose the newest model with the flashiest upgrades. Modern features like quiet motors, updated blade design, and self-propelling with speed control can all make mowing an enjoyable experience – but they can also beef up the price tag. A good lawn mower is an investment for homeowners and landscaping professionals alike, but real lawn care experts know that proper maintenance can extend the life of any lawn care equipment.

Savvy lawn and garden enthusiasts know how to strike a balance between the performance and the price tag. If you want to make your money go the extra mile, you can regularly carry out these maintenance tasks that will keep your lawn mower running for years to come.

Keep Your Blades Sharp

We know, we know – we mention this tip fairly frequently. But that’s just because sharpening your mower blades benefits both you and your mower in a variety of ways. Mowing your lawn with sharp blades means that your mower doesn’t have to work as hard to get through patches of weed and tall grass. Most experts recommend sharpening your mower blades once or twice during mowing season, but if you frequently encounter rocks and other debris, you may need to sharpen them more often.

Change Out Your Fuel

The average person tops up their fuel tank before they start their mowing session so they won’t run out of fuel mid-mow. While this is fine, gas that’s left to sit in the tank for longer stretches of time tends to collect a lot of debris and can gum up your engine entirely. At the start of the season, it’s a good idea to drain your fuel tank and add in fresh fluids to keep things clean.

It’s so important to handle gasoline properly since it’s so highly flammable. If you decide to do this yourself, make sure you’re set up in a well-ventilated area away from any fire starters. Clean up well after the job is done, too.

Install Fresh Filters

Your lawn mower’s engine has an air filter and a fuel filter to help your machinery do its job properly. Think about them like smaller versions of the filter you use in your home’s air conditioner: they trap the dust and debris entering the system and prevent them from affecting your equipment’s performance. If your filters are left too long without replacing them, they can block air and fuel from getting where they need to be. As you use your mower this season, check the filters occasionally; you’ll probably need to switch them out a couple of times during the busy season.

Mind the Oil

Ideally, you should be checking your oil levels every time you mow. Oil helps lubricate the moving parts of your mower so it runs smoothly without creating friction, which causes your mower parts to wear out. Make sure your oil is topped up to appropriate levels after each session. Additionally, just like with fuel, your oil will need to be replaced occasionally to eliminate any dirt and debris that could cause issues.

A Mower Maintenance Professional Can Help

Don’t be overwhelmed by this maintenance list if you’re not a mower maintenance professional. Mower parts and service shops like Gator Mower Parts can take care of regular tune-ups to save you time and effort. To learn more or schedule your appointment, give us a call at 407-260-1292 today.


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