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Help! My Self-Propelled Mower Isn’t Driving

central florida mower parts self-propelled

Lawn mowers and other such power tools have come a long way since their first inception. Just think about it: only a few decades ago, Americans labored to push manual reel mowers across their lawns. Today, we have standing and sitting riding mowers as well as self-propelled push mowers to help us get the job done more quickly and easily. However, even the most cutting-edge technology doesn’t work perfectly every time.

At some point in your career as a homeowner, you’ve probably encountered difficulty getting your self-propelled mower to kick into drive. While you could always put in a little elbow grease and get it done manually, why not take advantage of the comforts offered by modern technology? Here are a couple quick fixes that may help kick your mower into gear:

  1. Your mower belt is getting old. Even inanimate objects have lifespans, and mower parts are no exception. As your mower belt is one of the main components keeping your mower moving, it gets a lot of wear and tear with each use. What’s more, without proper maintenance, the rubber is likely to harden and crack. A damaged belt can be dangerous to you and your lawn. Replace it as soon as you notice and diagnose the issue.

  2. The cable needs an adjustment. The bar on the handle of your mower is where the self-propelling begins, and the attached cable is what shifts your mower into drive. As you’ll notice, each time you grab the bar, the cable is pulled back, causing it to eventually warp and stretch. Adjustment is fairly simple; once the mower is off and cooled, you’ll simply need to tighten the nut attached to the cable. You can find diagrams for your specific make and model online.

  3. Your belt has been routed improperly. Especially if you’re new to lawn mower ownership and maintenance, it can be an easy mistake to replace a component in the wrong area. However, putting your mower belt back improperly can lead to its destruction, causing the mower not to go forward. Be sure to consult your manual--or a Central Florida mower parts pro--for assistance.

Of course, there are a few other issues that could cause your self-propelled mower not to drive forward; such issues require a professional inspection to make sure you solve the problem properly. Gator’s got the parts and service you need to get the job done right the first time. Give us a call at 407-260-1292 to learn more today.

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