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5 Ways to Promote Your Landscaping Business in the New Year

Setting New Goals for Your Business

The new year is here, and as a landscaping company owner in Central Florida, you should be reviewing your achievements from the past year and setting new goals for the upcoming twelve months. Whether you’ve been in business for two years or twenty-two, we’re betting that overall growth and a larger client base are at the top of your list of goals. But beyond all the word-of-mouth recommendations you’ve received, how can you get your business’ name in front of more residents in your region?

Nationwide, the landscaping industry continues to expand at a breakneck pace–but that doesn’t mean that customers will automatically fall into your lap. To expand your business, you need to promote it in an effective and cost-efficient manner. While there are innumerable creative ways to advertise, the following are five marketing strategies that every lawn care business owner can use to promote their services to the right audience.

Start Promoting Now

While Central Florida landscaping companies stay relatively busy year-round, there is a decline in activity during the winter months (late November to early March). The slow season is the best time to start advertising your service. If you wait until the heat of the summer, you’ll probably find that your intended customers have already selected a different company that’s been more active in your area. Start putting out some ads for your services, and be sure to promote some of your off-season tasks like raking and mulching.

Have a Distinctive Logo

When you’re first starting out, a logo may seem like an afterthought when it comes to building your clientele. However, a distinctive logo that sets you apart from your competitors can make all the difference when it comes to attracting new customers. Your logo gives you a number of opportunities to stand out when you use it on your work trucks and trailers, yard signs, business cards, and beyond. Make sure it speaks to your expertise and what you do, but include a few elements that make it representative of your unique culture. We recommend working with a designer to get the best logo possible.

Target the Right Audience, Not the Biggest One

You read that correctly: the biggest audience won’t necessarily earn you the most growth. Instead of casting the widest possible net to find new prospects, we recommend taking the time to pinpoint your specific niche to find the right places to advertise. Maybe you specialize in services for 55+ communities. Perhaps you and your team are great at installing landscaping around outdoor pools and water features. Whatever your specialty is, there are people who are waiting to pay top dollar for your services.

Use a Mixture of Media

While the world is largely going digital, there is still great value in mailers, signs, and other kinds of physical marketing tools. For the greatest success, you should use a blend of online and in-person marketing tactics. We do recommend that you set up a website for your business where your prospective customers can leave reviews and look at testimonials and credentials. You could also greatly benefit from leaving a sign in a customer’s yard (with their permission) and sending out mailers to specific neighborhoods where you are promoting specials or new services.

Offer the Best Customer Service Possible

Even if you do a beautiful job on your customers’ lawns, the thing they’re likely to remember most is your attitude toward the job. By training your employees to offer great customer service, you’re helping each one of them make a great impression on your clients. If you do your best work at every job and make yourself friendly and available for your customers, you’re on your way to becoming well-known in the community.

Great Service Speaks Volumes

Consistency is key when it comes to retaining customers, and if you wow them every time, there’s a great chance they’ll spread the word to their friends and neighbors. The best way to ensure consistent cuts and efficient service is by working with a parts and service team that can keep your equipment in top condition. To learn more about what Gator Mower Parts can do for your landscaping team, call us at 407-260-1292 today.


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