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4 Qualities Customers Look For in a Landscaping Company

Curb Appeal for Any Occasion

There’s just no downplaying the importance of curb appeal. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or you’re settled in for a few more years, having a bright and appealing space surrounding your home can improve your property value, lift your spirits, and benefit the whole neighborhood. Taking care of your lawn and landscaping is one of the most effective ways to improve your curb appeal – and hiring a professional landscaping team is the best way to make sure your home has a beautiful lawn.

According to, the average cost of lawn care service in Orlando is about $110 per month, although that cost varies widely depending on the size of your lawn and the number of trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds that need maintenance. With that in mind, you’ll want to make sure the landscaping company you choose is worth the cost. What qualities should you look for in a professional landscaping service?

We’ve compiled a list of the most important qualities of landscaping companies based on our professional partners and the feedback we hear from homeowners. Read on to learn what customers are looking for:


This one might be obvious, but homeowners want to know that their chosen landscaping company has experience working with native plants and making other similar lawns look beautiful. One great way for homeowners to get a feel for a company’s expertise is by seeking out the landscapers working on their neighbors’ yards, especially if their neighbors have similarly sized and shaped plots of land. To attract new customers, landscaping professionals should have well-rounded portfolios that demonstrate their skills and show beautiful, well-maintained lawns.


In contemporary times, reputation is everything. The average consumer has access to plenty of ratings and reviews on every company they could possibly hope to work for. If a landscaping company isn’t taking great care of their clients, they’re sure to have negative reviews on their Google and social media pages.

Word of mouth is still a relevant indicator of quality, too. Many homeowners ask local family members and friends about the landscape technicians that they trust before they begin shopping. One way or another, landscaping companies need to be sure their customer service is quality enough to keep clients happy.

Ability to Meet Goals

It’s a great idea for homeowners to have an idea of what their landscaping goals are before they start searching for a professional. If they need tree trimming, a company that focuses mainly on grass cutting may not be the best fit for their needs. When customers are in the vetting process, they should be able to discuss their ideas, timelines, and expectations with their prospective landscaping company.

Clearly Written Contract

As with any long-term service agreement, customers should know exactly what they can expect each time their landscaping team arrives. Landscaping customers are looking for clear contracts that give them a line item list of what they’ll receive at each appointment, including any seasonal tasks. A good landscaping company will be able to tell you why you need each service and show you the results of each service once they’re finished.

A Good Landscaping Company Makes a Huge Difference

A trustworthy landscaping company can change any homeowner’s life. They can make your yard beautiful with none of the effort on your part! To learn more about professional landscaping and lawn equipment maintenance, call Gator Mower Parts at 407-260-1292 today.


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