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4 Must-Have Pieces of Equipment for Every Lawn Care Enthusiast

string trimmer head resting in tall grass
String Trimmers are must-have equipment for any landscaping professional

Landscaping Made Simpler

For people like us, there’s nothing quite like putting on your gloves and gardening boots and diving into the dirt to clean up the lawn. Whether it’s a simple task like lawn mowing, or a more complicated endeavor like building planter beds in the front yard, landscaping and gardening give us a sense of accomplishment and pride in our own personal oases.

However, we would be remiss to ignore the fact that some lawn care tasks can get tedious after a while. That’s where modern technology comes in. Remember the days of reel lawn mowers, manual rakes, and trimming by hand? These must-have pieces of lawn care equipment significantly reduce your work time and also make things easier on your joints and muscles. Read on to learn more about the tools that should be in every landscaper’s shed.

A quality lawn mower

Reel lawn mowers may have been before your time, so take our word for it: they were not the easiest tools to use. The invention of gas-powered lawn mowers not only cut down on the time you spent mowing, but also made the process easier with features like assisted pushing and power steering.

Major lawn mower and power tool manufacturers like ECHO have been taking lawn mower technology a step further by creating battery-powered machinery that’s powerful enough to help you with professional landscaping jobs. These tools are often quieter than their gas-powered counterparts, and they produce less air pollution.

When selecting the right lawn mower for your needs, consider the size of your lawn as well as any topographical features like hills or trees. You should have enough power to get you through your job without much interruption.

A powerful blower

When you’re first delving into the world of landscaping, a blower may not seem like a necessary tool. After all, that’s what rakes and push brooms are for -- right? However, when it comes to cleaning up after your landscaping tasks, you’d be amazed by the time and energy a blower can help you save.

Some battery-powered equipment is designed to use the same type of battery across several different tools. It’s so convenient to be able to switch your battery packs between your blower, string trimmer, and other machines. When looking for the right blower, seek a lightweight tool that will reach all the leaf- and grass-clipping-riddled spots you need without much trouble.

A string trimmer

String trimmers are among the most versatile tools in our sheds. Also known affectionately as weed eaters, weed whackers, and line trimmers, homeowners and professional landscapers often use these tools after mowing to make the whole property look neat and tidy. String trimmers are especially handy in tight corners, spaces around trees, and areas butting up against homes and buildings. String trimmers can even take the place of edgers.

The right string trimmer for your needs will be easy to carry and operate. It should facilitate simple replacement of the string as needed and easy cleaning to keep the space around the lines free from grass clippings.

A generator

You may not have expected to see generators on this list, but we think they’re just about necessary for professional landscaping companies. Primarily, generators give you a lot more flexibility as to which landscaping jobs you can take on, including jobs on large or remote plots of land. They also give you the ability to open up your appointment schedule so you can power your tools without needing to use your clients’ power outlets. A generator offers a great backup system if you need to recharge any battery packs or power larger tools.

Look for a portable generator that provides the power you need for your tool kit while still being easy to transport. Contemporary generators offer handy features like fuel gauges, digital screens, and sound dampening technology.

Choose Reliable, Sturdy Equipment

Whatever equipment you choose for your shed, it’s a great idea to shop at a store that can help you understand your equipment from the inside out. Gator Mower Parts is Longwood’s largest OEM supplier and offers comprehensive maintenance and repair services. Our team can give you the know-how to keep your equipment running smoothly for years to come. To learn more, call Gator Mower Parts at 407-260-1292 today.

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