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What to Look For in a Battery Powered String Trimmer

Echo cordless string trimmer battery powered eco friendly

Did you know that the first electric mower was invented in the 1930s? It may seem as though gas-free lawn equipment came about in the last ten years or so, but in reality, the first electric mower was dreamt up nearly 100 years ago now. However, C.C. Stacy, the farmer who created the suspension system that made the electric mower possible, never patented his ideas; thus, his designs didn’t enter production until years later.

While you probably are most familiar with gas-powered mowers in your own neighborhoods, electric mowers are increasingly gaining popularity. According to a recent market study from Technavio, the electric mower market is posed to have the most growth of any type of power mower through 2021. Electric mowers do offer certain advantages over gas mowers, including quieter operation and easier maneuvering; and with a global focus on environmental preservation, they offer a more eco-friendly alternative to gas burning engines.

If you want to make sure you’re getting the best electric mower for your money, here are a few features you’ll want to compare:

Battery life. Electric mowers run on battery power. That means there’s no need to store fuel -- when the battery dies, simply plug it in to the charger! However, you’ll want to know how long your battery lasts per charge. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting halfway through mowing the lawn only to have your gas runs out. The same applies to battery charge. Often, battery life is measured in cutting area per charge.

Power output. Gas-powered mowers are generally higher-powered than their electric counterparts. Keep this in mind when considering the condition of your lawn. If there’s a lot of debris scattered around your yard or you live on particularly rocky terrain, you might want to stick to gas. Newer electric models have the power needed to knock out tall grass, but take note of the RPM and wattage to ensure the machine is up to the task of cleaning up your lawn.

Maneuverability. A majority of electric mowers are significantly lighter than gas-powered mowers, giving them increased maneuverability. With the Echo cordless mower weighing in at 57 lbs, an electric mower is much easier to pick up, turn, and reverse as needed to mow in tight spaces or corners. Look for an electric mower that gives you the option to adjust RPM and speed settings to make mowing an absolute breeze.

Electric mowers have come such a long way since their invention, and they’re continuing to improve. Many of the newer electric mower models on the market have power, features, and efficiency that meets or exceeds that of gas mowers. What’s more, electric mowers are much better for the environment and offer easier maintenance and storage. To learn more about electric mowers or to purchase accessories for your mower, call Gator Mower Parts at 407-260-1292 today.

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