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3 Tips to Help You Reach Spring Gardening Success

spring gardening longwood mower parts

Even with the surprise cold snap coming up this week, we’ve pretty much agreed that winter is over in Florida. High temperatures are climbing back into the 80s, we’re starting to get more spring showers, and the days are getting longer once again. Any good gardener or landscaper knows that this is the perfect time to get your spring vegetable and flower garden ready! But after a long rest, you might not be sure where to start - what can you do now to help make your spring garden a success?

The team at Gator Mower Parts knows about much more than just grass - we love our Florida lawns and gardens and can’t wait to see everything as it starts to flourish and bloom. Here are a few steps to take today so you’ll be ready when the growing season comes on in full swing.

  1. Tune up your tools. We know, Florida doesn’t have a long or particularly harsh winter, but we sure weren’t doing too much outside work when the temperatures dipped below 70! If your tools have been resting, it’s time to give them a tune-up. Make sure your shears are sharp and your spades and hand rakes are cleaned with soap and water. Don’t forget to sharpen up your mower blade and clean out the undercarriage, too.

  2. Get your soil ready for planting. It’s time to start prepping your soil! Run a rake through your dirt a few times and make sure you get rid of the weeds and stray roots. Start adding your compost to the mix - homemade and store bought are both perfectly fine. You’ll want to let the compost settle for a few weeks before you start planting - otherwise, you could risk burning your plant roots.

  3. Lay out a concrete plan. Planning is one of the most important parts of prepping your spring garden - otherwise you may wind up with a mess on your hands. Pay attention to the fruits, vegetables, annuals, and perennials that work best in your agricultural zone. If you’re new to this or you’re not sure how to get beautiful color all season long, talk to the specialists at your local nursery or garden center!

Planning and planting a garden is one of the most fulfilling, exciting parts of living in Central Florida. The American South is a utopia for a huge variety of plants that can bring stunning color, texture, and vegetation right to your backyard. Nothing sets off a spring garden like a neatly manicured lawn. To learn more about gardening or to get your mower ready for the season, call Gator Mower Parts at 407-260-1292 today.

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