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Your Top 3 Lawn Care Resolutions for 2019

orlando mower parts lawn care resolutions

New Year, New Lawn! Whether you’re a hardcore lawn care enthusiast or just a homeowner who like keeping the yard tidy, there are always improvements you can make to your lawn’s appearance and health. Sure, by knocking out the basics - like mowing, edging, and trimming - you’re off to a great start. Regular fertilizing and weed-killing keep things growing smoothly. This year, however, it’s time to take your lawn to the next level.

From the Orlando mower parts people at Gator Mower Parts, we know you have what it takes to bring your lawn to its full glory. With the help of some quality lawn care equipment, here are 3 resolutions you can knock out quickly and easily:

  1. Start testing your soil. Go beneath the surface to find out what’s making your grass thrive - and what may be hurting it. Your local hardware store should sell basic soil testing kits that you can easily apply on your own. Your results will help you figure out what fertilizer is right for your yard’s unique composition, letting you boost your grass to full health. Be sure to perform the test before your first time fertilizing for the year.

  2. Start planning your landscape now. Even though we’re experiencing a warm winter, spring is the right time to plant a new garden for most types of plants. Start planning out your flower beds and yard plots now so that you can pick out the perfect plants when they arrive at the nursery. Try one of these free online garden planning tools to simplify the process.

  3. Get that irrigation system fixed. Even if your irrigation system is working properly, there’s a good chance you can take a few steps to make it extra environmentally friendly (and knock off a few dollars on your monthly water bill in the process). Resolve to do a little research about your specific growing zone and understand the best times and amounts to water your lawn. Upgrade the efficiency of your system to reduce waste.

These lawn care resolutions are easy enough for any homeowner to knock out at home! A happy, healthy lawn is an instant mood booster and can help transform your home into the castle you always dreamed it could be. To learn more about our mower care products and mower parts, give us a call at 407-260-1292 today.

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