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How does Warm Fall Weather Affect My Lawn?

longwood mower parts what to do in a warm fall

Just a couple of weeks ago, Floridians statewide rejoiced as the temperatures finally dipped below 90 degrees. People spent the weekend outside in their gardens, replacing their Bermuda shorts with cargo pants and opting for tee-shirts with slightly longer sleeves. Alas, as is common in Florida, temperatures have since returned to their normal blistering ranges, and it looks like we’re soon to have a few record highs on the books.

Here in Central Florida, we’re no strangers to warm winters. Still, your lawn and landscaping is on its own schedule - for example, you probably know that grass has a dormant season and you need to adjust your care schedule by the season. So how is your lawn affected when the temperatures don’t drop, or when they drop and return to normal levels? This is what the Longwood mower parts pros at Gator have observed:

  • You need to stay vigilant about disease. Winter is a dormant season for warm weather grasses. However, when the temperatures don’t drop with the season, your lawn remains prone to common diseases and parasites. Pesky garden troublemakers tend to stay away during the colder, drier winter months when you cut back on watering, but if you’re trying to maintain a green lawn, be on the lookout.

  • You’ll need to make sure that mower blade stays sharp. More warm days in the year means more days to grow, which in turn means you’ll be spending more time behind the mower. Be sure to keep up with your mower maintenance, including checking all fluids and maintaining a sharp blade. Since you’ll be having an extended growing season, you want to make sure you and your equipment stay on good terms.

  • You may have more issues with weeds than expected. When the weather stays warm, everything keeps growing - including weeds. Even with the proper treatment, it can be hard to entirely prevent them from sprouting up. Maintain your summer weeding schedule. By this time, you should be cutting back on fertilizer, but weed killing doesn’t have a season.

Essentially, having a warmer fall means more work for you, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It also means you’ll get to spend lots of quality time working in your garden as the weather starts to get more pleasant. With an extended growing season, taking good care of your Longwood mower parts is one of the most important maintenance steps you can take. To learn more or to schedule your maintenance, call Gator Mower Parts at 407-260-1292.

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