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Maintaining Your Lawn in an Unpredictable Winter

For the most part, summers in Florida are highly predictable. We know we’ll encounter high temperatures nearing the 100s, stifling humidity, and frequent afternoon showers. However, the fall and winter months are not quite as easy to forecast. As we witnessed last month with Hurricane Matthew rolling through and the recent cold front, these months can be shocking to us--and to our lawns.

Even if the most random weather comes our way this season, we can still be prepared! From the Longwood lawn mower professionals at Gator Mower Parts, here are just a few insider tips to help your grass get a grip on Florida’s winter:

  1. Take the time to really listen to your lawn. During the summer, you could set your watch by your mowing schedule: once per week, in the evening hours when the sun begins to set. Fall and winter months aren’t so simple. With cold fronts bringing random showers, your lawn could have a different growth pattern every year. Stay observant through the season and be prepared to act when your lawn indicates what it needs.

  2. Change your watering schedule. Here in Florida, we don’t encounter as great a risk for winter freezes as our northern neighbors do, but it’s still important to adjust your watering schedule accordingly. Keeping in line with your city ordinances, give your lawn a drink when it starts to change different shades of green; otherwise, we recommend letting it do its own thing.

  3. Reduce your mowing frequency. The summer is the real growth period for any lawn; after that, your grass is storing up nutrients in its root systems to prepare for the chill of the winter. This means that your grass won’t grow as fast, allowing you to reduce your schedule to every other week or so. Again, observance is key. When your grass starts to look a little haggard, it’s time to mow.

Even with reduced mowing frequency during the fall and winter months, lawn mower maintenance is just as important to keep you safe and your lawn happy. Want to learn some more tips for your lawn or to schedule your fall mower maintenance? Get in touch with the team at Gator Mower Parts, a Longwood lawn mower sales and service center. Give us a call at 407-260-1292 to schedule your appointment.


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