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3 Mower Maintenance Must-Do’s for the Summer

orlando mower parts maintenance

So far this year, things have been fairly quiet on the lawn mowing front. April showers didn’t come, and with the drought we’ve been experiencing in Central Florida, May flowers (and our lawns) haven’t been growing as expected. But we all know how quickly the weather can change its mind here in the sunshine state. As we officially enter the summer months, it’s important to get your mower ready for frequent use.

We anticipate that the rainy season - and the mowing season - are just around the corner, and we want to help residential and commercial lawn gurus by arming them with these 3 must-do’s that will keep your mower running like a champ:

  1. Keep the deck clean. Every time you mow the lawn, it’s important to thoroughly wash off your mower deck to keep it free from all the grass clippings and debris that have accumulated during your session. Letting them sit where they are can lead to jamming, rusting, and other easily avoidable issues. If the dirt is caked on, try scraping it off with a flat trowel or a putty knife.

  2. Tighten the fasteners. As you use your mower, the vibrations from the engine can cause the screws, nuts, bolts, etc. to loosen. Rather than waiting for disaster when one of them comes undone, it’s easy to tighten them up every so often after a mowing session. This is an important step for push mowers and ride-ons alike.

  3. Keep the filters fresh. Here at Gator Mower Parts, we find that many people tend to neglect their air and oil filters during the busy season. Changing out your filters as necessary is just as important for your lawn mower as it is for your car. In particular, your air filter can easily become clogged with debris. MTD Parts recommends checking filters after 50 hours of use.

As we’re sure you know by now, performing regular maintenance is much easier than repairing and replacing parts. Make sure your mower is in peak condition before the heavy rains come. Get in touch with the Orlando mower parts professionals at Gator Mower Parts. Call 407-260-1292 to schedule your tune-up today.

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