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3 Quick Tips to Keep Your Lawn Cool This Summer

There’s been a swift and definite change in the weather over the last few weeks or so. As the days continue to grow longer, the humidity hangs lower in the air and the numbers on our outdoor thermometers steadily climb. Considering the fact that we’ve already seen a few days in the 90s so far, this summer promises to be a particularly steamy one, even as far as Florida summers go. And that means it’ll be quite the chore to take care of the lawn.

Though we love our lawns and are certainly not afraid of a little sunshine, we Florida homeowners know that a brutal summer day can really knock the wind out of your sails. To help keep you cool, we’ve compiled this list of 5 quick and easy lawn tasks that only take a couple of minutes each:

  1. Look up. Your lawn consists of much more than just the grass, and those overhanging tree branches may actually be causing your lawn to grow unevenly. Trim back the ones that have grown out of control to open up your lawn to even light. You should see a difference in growing patterns within just a couple of weeks.

  2. Go high-tech. By now, you’ve surely heard of the “Internet of Things,” the smart and interconnected devices allowing you to control the functions of your home remotely. Your lawn is the next area to join the Internet with smart sprinkler systems, designed to water at optimum times to save you money. They’re worth checking out.

  3. Take care of touch-ups with a push mower. You don’t have to bust out the ride-on mower every time your lawn needs a little trim. It’s ok to mow the lawn every other week and simply do touch-ups in between, mowing under trees, around flowerbeds and beside curbs. Many companies offer lightweight, electric mowers for this exact purpose.

Taking good care of your lawn involves every aspect of the property, from the vegetable garden to the trees and the grass. It’s important to use quality tools when taking care of your lawn so you can ensure it stays in great shape. To get the very best for your mower and accessories, get in touch with Gator Mower Parts, your Orlando mower parts and service experts. Give us a call at 407-260-1292 today.


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