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3 Tips for Maintaining Your String Trimmer

In any savvy homeowner and garden enthusiast’s arsenal, you’ll find a string trimmer in addition to the usual lineup of mowers, shovels, rakes, and the like. Your string trimmer is the perfect tool to help you add that professional finishing touch to your lawn, allowing you to cut in along edges, in tight corners, and other hard to reach places. Though it may not be your primary gardening tool, it deserves just as much care as your mower.

The Longwood mower parts pros at Gator Mower Parts want to help you cultivate a long-lasting relationship with your trimmer, and proper maintenance will help you keep your tools for years to come. Here are three quick and easy tips to help keep your trimmer in great shape:

  1. Regularly replace your cutting line with fresh string. Especially during the heat we’re experiencing, trimmer line tends to become brittle, making it more likely to snap and cause damage during use. At the first sign that your trimmer isn’t cutting the way it used to, take a look at the condition of the trimmer’s string and replace it as necessary.

  2. Keep the air filter clean. As you know, a great deal of debris is released during any lawn care operation, including trimming. It’s important that you clean the intake vents near your air filter after each use, to prevent the buildup of debris. Also, keep an eye on the air filter. While you’ll need to replace it more often in dusty, dry conditions, it’s important that you keep it fresh for optimum performance.

  3. Balance your trimmer. Above all, you should feel comfortable each time you go to trim your lawn. Make sure the handle is set at the proper height for you to complete each job with ease. Keep an eye on the debris guard for any cracks or damage, as well. You can avoid such damage by clearing your yard of branches and stones before you begin trimming.

String trimmer maintenance should be a simple process, even for an amateur. When you perform regular maintenance on your string trimmer, you need to ensure you have the best parts and support available. Get in touch with the Longwood mower parts experts at Gator Mower Parts. Give us a call at 407-260-1292 to learn more today.


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