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3 Great Reasons to Leave Your Grass Clippings Alone

One of the main features you have to choose from when selecting a new lawn mower is whether or not it has a bag. Generally speaking, professional lawn care companies tend to choose the bagged varieties, as they contain the grass clippings as you go and leave nothing behind but a well-manicured lawn. However, you may want to rethink your yard mulching strategy.

The Orlando mower parts professionals at Gator Mower Parts are big proponents of “grasscycling,” or leaving your grass clippings to rest on your lawn. Here are 3 great reasons why:

  1. It’s good for your lawn. When you properly mulch your grass clippings, they can provide your lawn with as much nutrient value as 25% of your regular fertilizer regimen. That means that if you usually spread four bags of fertilizer across your lawn, you can reduce the number to three. If your clippings are well mulched, they’ll decompose quickly and leave you with healthy, green grass.

  2. It saves money. On top of that extra bag (or two, or three) of fertilizer you’ll be saving on, leaving your grass clippings where they fall will ultimately save you money on yard waste bags and recycling fees. The only thing you’ll spend money on to get started is a mulching blade for your mower, which is inexpensive and will last years with proper care and maintenance.

  3. It saves time. Whether you’re a homeowner or a lawn care professional, time is just as valuable as money. While mulching rather than bagging your clippings will save a few minutes off of your mowing time, the real time-saving benefits are more long term. With less fertilizer to spread and less time adjusting your nutrient schedule, your lawn will be better able to grow and maintain itself.

Mulching is easy to start and will benefit your lawn in so many ways. If you’re worried about how your lawn will look with grass clippings, just remember that they decay within days, and your grass will look that much better for it. If you need a mulching blade for your mower, get in touch with Gator Mower Parts to find the perfect fit. Call 407-260-1292 to learn more.

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