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It Finally Rained, but Now my Lawn is Overgrown - Help!

orlando mower parts for tall grass

We’re sure you’re just as happy about the recent rain showers we’ve had in the Central Florida area. After a particularly dry spring, the clouds finally gathered and gave our yards the good soaking they truly needed. While we still have quite a bit more rainwater to collect before we’re out of drought conditions, we can look forward to Florida’s regular afternoon thunderstorms for the months to come.

However, you may have found that your lawn was far too excited to get some extra precipitation, and now you’re walking through weeds up to your knees. How do you mow a lawn when the grass has gotten way too high? Here are a few tips from the Orlando mower parts people at Gator:

  • First things first, you need to make sure your mower is tuned up and ready to roll before you even think about getting started. Any issues you’ve experienced with your mower are sure to get worse when you put it through its paces. Ensure that all your fluids are at their proper levels, your oil and air filters are clean, and your mower blades are sharp. If you need a full tune-up, you should schedule an appointment with the Gator Mower Parts team.

  • Take a little off the top. If you have a big, heavy-duty ride-on mower, you may be able to skip this step; but most homeowners keep a small, lightweight push mower in their garages. Use your string trimmer to knock off 4 or 5 inches from the top of your grass to reduce the strain on your mower. This could take a few hours, but it’ll be well worth it when your lawn returns to its perfectly manicured state.

  • Don’t rush through it. Especially when it’s so hot outside, it can be easy to breeze through mowing without giving it a second thought. But it’s important to take your time and make sure your mower is keeping up with the workload. If the blade gets clogged, stop the engine fully before you attempt to clean it out. We recommend overlapping each pass by a few inches to take care of the strays.

Seeing that your lawn is suddenly overgrown is no need for panic - in fact, it’s a good sign that the end of this drought is quickly approaching. For the first few times you mow your lawn, you may need to split the process into a few sessions. Just take your time and give your lawn the TLC it deserves. To learn more or to find replacement parts for your mower, call Gator Mower Parts at (407) 260-1292 today.

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