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3 High-Tech Gifts for Any Lawncare Fanatic

Christmas has already come and gone, as hard as it is to believe, but for the Central Florida homeowner, any day is a good day to beef up your gadget garage. As we quickly approach the new year, we’re sure you’re preparing your list of resolutions; why not add “treat yourself” somewhere near the top? After all, it’s been a long year, and you deserve it.

Whether these gifts are for you or for the garden guru in your life, it’s pretty remarkable to consider how much technology has affected our lawns and gardens. From the Orlando mower repair team at Gator Mower Parts, here are some of our favorite high-tech garden gifts that we wouldn’t mind seeing in our homes and garages:

  1. The Garden Plan Pro app: Sometimes it can be difficult to visualize how your garden is going to turn out once it’s all set up, and flying by the seat of your pants just won’t cut it. This great app, made for the iPad, helps you to lay out a beautiful, unique design for your garden. It also brings you live updates from local weather stations, regional plant suggestions, and information on over 140 species of plants. Find it here.

  2. Infragram garden camera: This one is a great project for the whole family. The Infragram DIY camera transforms your old point-and-shoot into an infrared camera that allows you to see the health of all the plants in your garden. This can help you see which plants need more light and rearrangement. Find instructions here.

  3. Ryobi 40-Volt Electric Mower: Ryobi is one of our featured mower brands here at Gator Mower Parts, and they’ve really done a great job with their new gasless offering. Not only is this mower eco-friendly, it’s also quieter than regular mowers, lightweight and easy to maneuver. As an added bonus, the removable, rechargeable battery can be used in other Ryobi equipment, like edgers and trimmers. See the review here.

Another great surprise for any lawn lover in your life would be a full tune-up or repair for their favorite mower. If you’re not comfortable taking care of that yourself, schedule your appointment with the Orlando mower repair professionals at Gator Mower Parts. Our “Gator’s Got It” guarantee covers thousands of parts for all your favorite brand names. To learn more or for more suggestions, give us a call at 407-260-1292 today.


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