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Staying Safe with Your Summer Lawn Mowing Routine

As we enter the dog days of summer, many of us will fondly think back to the days of our childhood, when mowing the lawn was a major task in our weekly chores. Even with older equipment lacking self-propelling technology, mowing the lawn is usually a job simple enough for the kids to take care of. However, that’s not to say that lawn mowing doesn’t come without a few potential risks.

Summer is the busy season when it comes to lawn care, and you can be assured that you’ll be spending more hours in the yard as the days get longer. The Central Florida mower repair specialists at Gator Mower Parts have a few pointers to help you stay safe during your mowing routine this summer:

  • Dress for the occasion. Now, we are fairly certain you won’t be mowing your lawn in a ball gown anytime soon, but wearing appropriate clothing is still something to keep in mind. Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes, jeans or other durable pants, and plenty of sunscreen. You should also take off any loose or low-hanging jewelry, and you may want to wear a pair of safety goggles.

  • Prepare the area. You may not think it would be a big deal to go over a fallen branch or a couple decent-sized rocks with your lawn mower, but if they hit the blade just right, they could turn into dangerous projectiles. Instead of risking damage to yourself and your home, take a minute or two to gather any noticeable debris in your lawn and dispose of it properly.

  • Make sure your mower is ready to roll. Before the heavy mowing season begins, we recommend that you perform a full checkup of your mower to make sure it’s ready to pull double duty. Make sure the blade is sharp, the oil is clean, and all the components are in place. If you perform regular maintenance on your mower throughout the year, you’ll have a much easier time of starting up in the summer.

Stay safe when mowing your lawn so you can enjoy your lush greenery throughout the season. If you find you have parts that need to be repaired or replaced during your pre-mowing maintenance check, get in touch with the experts at Gator Mower Parts. Our Central Florida repair professionals carry more parts than any other dealer in the region. Give us a call at (407) 260-1292 to learn more.

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