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Your Landscaping Almanac for January 2021

Have you ever used the Farmer’s Almanac before? This compendium, the first edition of which was produced when George Washington was in the White House, doles out plentiful weather predictions and agricultural tips for the landscaper who wants to plan everything down to a T. Of course, modern meteorological science has replaced country wisdom to help us plan our gardens, but a few Almanac predictions can come in handy to help you get your garden growing.

Whether you buy into the Almanac or not, we think it’s fun to entertain some of these predictions and use their planning advice to help make our gardens a little greener. A recent excerpt in the Orlando Sentinel goes over a laundry list of gardening tips and tasks, from the right flowers to plant to your most important landscaping chores. Here are just a few of those tips that we’re taking to heart:

  • Address any cold damage. We did experience some particularly cold days in December -- in fact, we had the first cold Christmas Day that we can remember! This semi-unexpected chill might have caught you off guard and caused some damage on exposed plants. Prune off dead leaves and branches to give your plants energy for new growth. If you have any brown spots on your lawn from the chill, they should recover in time with regular care.

  • Make your lawn neat and tidy. There’s nothing like starting off the New Year with a fresh, clean lawn with crisp lines. Take a little extra time to edge your lawn at sidewalks and around planter beds. Don’t have the right equipment? ECHO has one of our favorite edgers, and the new year is a great time to treat yourself to some new lawn equipment!

  • Repair and maintain your lawncare equipment. Unlike our colder counterparts to the north, we don’t really have an off-season for lawn mowing. However, your mowing frequency has probably reduced over the past few weeks as your lawn goes dormant over the winter. Now is a great time to take your lawn equipment in for regular maintenance so that it can be up to the task when it comes time to mow our hearts out in the summer.

  • Start getting ready for the 2021 storm season. We know -- at this moment, June 2021 seems to be far in the distance. Still, when this hurricane season rolls around, you’ll want to be ready for whatever comes your way. This month, schedule any necessary professional tree trimming to remove dead branches that could become projectiles in heavy winds. Test your soil and make sure your grass has strong roots to prevent erosion, as well.

How are you planning to start 2021? You’ll find us in our gardens, tidying up and getting ready for greener months to come. In 2020, lots of you may have started complex backyard gardens and spent more time digging and planting; continue putting that love into your landscaping and it will reward you tremendously!

The team at Gator Mower Parts sincerely appreciates your patronage and support this year. We hope we can continue to be your source for parts and service in Central Florida for years to come. If your mower needs maintenance or you’re looking for the right parts to make it run like new, call Gator Mower Parts at 407-260-1292 to schedule a consultation.

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