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Congratulations on Your New Home! Here’s How to Care For Your New Lawn

Hey there, first-time homeowner! Are you still relishing those warm and fuzzy new-house vibes? We’re guessing that one of the first things you noticed about your chosen home was the lush, green lawn.

You probably want to keep it looking that way, right?

The list of to-do’s at your new home probably looks a little daunting at this moment, but don’t worry. The lawn equipment specialists at Gator Mower Parts have this helpful checklist of the most important lawn care tasks for first-time homeowners.

Start With What You Have

Take the first step by examining your new lawn. What kind of grass grows there? If you’re in Central Florida, you’re probably seeing lots of St. Augustine grass or Bermudagrass. Take note of any dry areas or dead patches and determine if they were caused by pests or simple lack of watering/nourishment.

Also, take note of any trees, shrubs, and built-in planters around the property. Do you have the right size lawnmower to work around tight corners and close turns? Consider adding a string trimmer to your toolkit for touch-ups and hard-to-reach areas.

Understanding the Basics

Entry-level lawn care involves regular mowing, trimming, watering, and fertilizing. Believe it or not, knowing the best techniques for mowing your lawn can go a long way to make it look its best. Some of those techniques include:

  • Not setting the blades too low to avoid scalping

  • Clearing your yard of debris for your safety and the longevity of your mower

  • Setting your mowing frequency based on the season

  • Alternating the direction you mow every time to avoid wheel ruts and tracks

Keep these tips in mind and you’re already on your way to greener pastures.

If your home doesn’t come with an automatic sprinkler system, determine if you need one. Smaller yards may be just fine with regular waterings from a hose with a sprinkler attachment. However, the “set-it-and-forget-it” convenience of a sprinkler system appeals to many homeowners.

Of the tasks we listed above, understanding your lawn’s fertilizer needs may be the most complex. Be sure to read our complete guide to fertilizing a Florida lawn here so you can be comfortable about the products you choose and your application times.

Taking Your Lawn to the Next Level

If you’re already comfortable with the basics and want to grow the lawn that all your neighbors talk about, here are a couple of our favorite “advanced” lawn care tasks. (Note: advanced doesn’t necessarily mean more difficult -- they just go beyond the everyday task list!)

  • Aerate your lawn on a quarterly or as-needed basis. Aeration helps decrease thatch buildup and allows nutrients to get to the roots of the grass, providing the best results. Coordinate your aeration schedule with your fertilizing schedule.

  • Go local and choose only native plants for your landscaping.

  • Do some research on pest control and weed control methods. Prevention is always a good idea so you don’t have to spend more on repair.

Do you have the right tools?

Here at Gator Mower Parts, we proudly carry ECHO brand lawn and power tools to get the job done right. Stop by our showroom and see why we love this line of equipment! For all your mower maintenance and repair needs, call Gator Mower Parts in Longwood, FL, at 407-260-1292.


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