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3 Common String Trimmer Problems and How to Fix Them

orlando string trimmer common issues troubleshooting

If you’re a homeowner in Florida, you’re probably somewhat of a lawncare expert without really trying. Our busy growing season means we’re out in our yards, cutting once a week for at least 8 or 9 months each year. With your expert status, we’re guessing you have a string trimmer in your arsenal to help you get the cleanest cuts and navigate around those awkward corners and landscaping. But what happens when your string trimmer just won’t turn on?

As with any piece of equipment, your string trimmer may run into issues from time to time. From the Orlando string trimmer pros, here are 3 of the most common string trimmer issues and how to overcome them:

  • Your string trimmer won’t turn on, or stalls often. Most often, issues like this can be attributed to fuel quality. If you only use your string trimmer on rare occasions, your fuel may have gotten old and gunky, meaning it can’t flow easily through the carburetor. Make sure you’re changing out your fuel at least once every three months, and take your trimmer out more often to keep that fuel flowing.

  • Your trimmer is outfitted with the wrong sized string. Using string that’s too large in diameter for your particular machine can easily cause engine failure by overworking the machine. Make sure you’re always using the right string size for your machine to keep that engine running.

  • The engine seizes up after a lot of use. You’re probably using your string trimmer fairly frequently during the summer months. If you find that your engine is seizing up after a lot of usage, there’s a good chance your machine doesn’t have enough oil in the system. Make sure to check your level of 2-cycle oil, which keeps things running smoothly even after heavy duty usage.

These aren’t the only issues that can plague your string trimmer. The gas, oil, and string all need to be properly maintained to keep you running through the busy season. If you don’t find a solution for your troubles on this list, get in touch with the Orlando string trimmer experts at Gator Mower Parts. Call us at 407-260-1292 to schedule your consultation or to find out more about what we have in stock.

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