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The Best Lawn Mowers of 2019

best lawn mowers of 2019 longwood

While it may not be as big of a purchase decision as a house or a car, buying a new lawn mower is still a decision that requires a decent amount of consideration. To help keep your lawn looking its best, you need to choose a mower that can maneuver around any trees and garden beds, has an appropriate amount of power, and operates in a manner that you’re comfortable with.

Improving technology has vastly expanded the list of choices we have for the perfect lawn mower to fit your needs. While this is exciting, it can make the purchase decision a little more difficult. How do you find the perfect new mower to replace your old one? What kind of mower is best for your lawn and your neighborhood? We’re offering you a list of our favorite lawn mowers for 2019 to help you narrow down your choices.

For the eco-friendly homeowner with limited space: ECHO CLM-58V4AH Battery Powered Mower. One of our favorite features about this battery-powered ECHO mower is that it can be stored upright, making it perfect for households with limited space. According to Consumer Reports, the CLM makes even cuts, mulches and bags clippings well, and has a great charge time and battery life. It’s also easy on the ears, for the go-getters who want to mow extra early.

For the lawn that needs a little extra power: Honda HRX217K6HZA Gas Mower. Gas powered mowers are almost always going to pack more punch than their battery-powered counterparts. The Honda self-propelled mowers have impressive engines to get the job done. Extra features like an electric start and rear-wheel drive just make the job easier. The only real downside to this one is that clippings are discharged behind the mower, leaving them in your path.

For commercial mowing enterprises and seriously large lawns: John Deere X350-42 Lawn Mower and Tractor. Ride-on mowers and tractors are great for commercial mowing businesses, large plots, and anything with lots of uneven terrain. John Deere gets the job done with impressive maneuverability, mulching, and evenness of cutting. This one is a little more narrow than many other ride-ons, but it still delivers in performance.

Finding a great mower is just the beginning. Regularly maintaining your mower, including sharpening blades, adding the proper fluids, and replacing filters, is what will ensure you have a long and successful lawn mowing future ahead of you. If your mower needs parts or service, the Longwood parts pros at Gator Mower Parts have you covered. To learn more, call 321-260-1292 today.

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