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Mowing the Lawn Gives You More than Curb Appeal

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Here in Florida, it’s pretty easy to tell when your neighbors have gone a few weeks without mowing their lawns. The growing season doesn’t slow down too much during our mild winters, so when spring and summer roll around, most people are mowing their lawns at least once a week. While going a few days over your scheduled mow won’t completely destroy your hard work, keeping up with a regular mowing schedule brings a lot of great benefits to your grass beyond curb appeal!

As long as you have a well-maintained mower, regular mowing sessions are a key part of your lawn’s overall health care. Don’t believe us? Here are just 3 benefits that come from mowing your lawn:

  1. You’ll save on pest control. Keeping your grass trimmed to a manageable length helps keep the pests away! Often, when yards get unruly, all sorts of insects and other undesirable inhabitants make their homes in the tall grass. By keeping the lawn relatively short, you’ll remove the wild, tempting abodes and easily manage your pest population. Also, by getting your hands dirty on a weekly basis, you’ll quickly be able to see when issues do arise!

  2. You’re feeding your lawn in the process. We’ve previously discussed leaving your grass clippings alone rather than bagging them. By mulching your clippings, you’re letting those nutrients sink back into the soil, effectively fertilizing your lawn and keeping it healthy! Of course, a properly balanced fertilizer is still important for your lawn’s health, but this extra boost of nutrients will keep your grass looking greener for longer.

  3. It helps keep you and your family safer and more comfortable. As the weather continues to warm up, we know you and your family are spending more time outdoors. By keeping the lawn manicured, you’ll be protecting your kids from unseen obstructions and potentially scary or dangerous animals hiding in the grass. Not to mention, a freshly cut lawn drastically reduces the radiant temperature in the area as water evaporates from the blades. Enjoy a cooler and comfier summer with a well-maintained lawn!

Of course, none of these benefits will manifest the way you want them to if you’re not properly maintaining your lawn mower. Keeping your blades sharp, your fluid levels right, and your carriage free of debris are all important steps to helping your grass stay healthy and keeping you safe during the mowing process. To learn more or to have your mower tuned up and ready to roll, call Gator Mower Parts at 407-260-1292 today.

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