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The Perks of Cleaning Up After Your Pup

orlando mower parts for yard dog cleanup

Pet parents all around Orlando are enjoying this bright summer sun and taking their dogs on plenty of outings! We don’t blame them - there’s nothing better than enjoying an afternoon at the park or even just playing in the backyard with your pup. Whether you stick to your neighborhood or plan a more elaborate outing, there are plenty of dog-friendly spots around Central Florida. Your dog appreciates the opportunity to stretch their legs and get out of the house more often, as well!

Still, there are some pitfalls to puppy playtime - namely, waste pickup. We’re sure you know that dog waste is an eyesore and doesn’t look attractive in any yard, but there are more benefits to cleaning up than that! Here are 3:

  1. Dog waste is NOT fertilizer. Contrary to popular belief, dog waste does not act as a fertilizer. Dog waste often includes high levels of nitrogen and phosphorous due to their omnivorous diets. When left alone, dog waste can actually cause burn patches in your lawn and let harmful levels of minerals enter the groundwater. The sooner you can clean up the waste, the better for everyone!

  2. It’s just courteous. There’s nothing to like about dog waste, so why not do the courteous thing and keep it out of site and out of mind? Everyone appreciates a clean lawn, especially your groundskeepers and the people who work on your landscaping. We’re sure you appreciate having clean shoes after a mowing session, too!

  3. Responsible pet ownership means more places to bring your pets. Often, the reason why businesses and public places are not pet friendly is because the cleanup costs are prohibitive. The more people demonstrate responsible pet ownership and clean up after their fur babies, the more likely businesses and public places around Orlando will allow pets!

For your sake and the sake of your lawn, be sure to pick up after your dogs this summer. Being a courteous pet owner is a win in everyone’s books. Ready to tidy up your lawn? Get in touch with the Orlando mower parts people at Gator Mower Parts today. Call us at 407-260-1292 for more information.

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