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Time for a Lawn Health Evaluation!

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If you couldn’t tell, we’re officially in growing and mowing season. These heavy rains are waking our lawns up from a dry, surprisingly chilly spring and kicking their growth factors into high gear. As you prepare your mower for putting in some heavy duty work over the next few months, it’s also a good idea to evaluate your lawn’s current health and determine possible problem areas.

Does your lawn make the cut? Run through this lawn health evaluation scorecard created by the Longwood mower parts people at Gator Mower Parts and see which areas are performing well and which ones need improvement:

  • Color. This is the easiest indicator of a healthy lawn - lush, green grass gets an A+! If you’re dealing with over- or undersaturation, you’ll probably see areas turning yellow or brown. Fungus and chinch bugs can also cause brown patches, so pay attention to the pattern of the colors, as well.

  • Texture. Healthy grass will present an even texture with full blades and will spring back upright when pressed or touched. Unhealthy grass is brittle and limp and doesn’t hold its shape very well. If you can clearly see your footprints after you walk across the lawn, you might need to take a retest in this subject.

  • Thickness. Lawns maintain that vibrant green look thanks in part to the thickness of the grass. To get an A+ here, you shouldn’t be able to see dirt between clumps of blades. If you’re seeing a lot of soil, you may need to re-seed or fertilize your lawn a few times this season.

  • Insect Population. Insects are important residents of your lawn as they can help provide your grass with nutrients and keep away pests. However, not all insects are friends. As we mentioned before, critters like chinch bugs and fly larvae can cause brown spots and areas of rot in your lawn. The presence of too many ants can be troublesome, too, as they can cause significant root damage.

So, how does your lawn stack up on our lawn health evaluation? If you got A+ across the board, congratulations! Keep maintaining your lawn as usual. If your score is lower than expected, your lawn may need some TLC to survive the summer. Get in touch with your landscaping specialist to create a comprehensive care plan for your lawn’s needs. To learn more or to get a scorecard for your lawn mower, call the Longwood mower parts people at Gator Mower Parts at 407-260-1292 today.

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