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Choosing the Right String Trimmer for Your Needs

choose your perfect string trimmer from the Longwood mower parts store

Besides the lawnmower, the string trimmer is any homeowner or lawn care professional’s best friend. Not only does this versatile tool reach into tight corners and close spaces that lawnmowers simply can’t reach, it also acts as an edger and can even replace your lawnmower in hilly areas. As one of your best lawn care friends, selecting the right string trimmer for your needs is crucial for a long and happy relationship.

String trimmers come with a wide variety of features - so many, that it can be hard to narrow down the list. From the Longwood mower parts professionals at Gator Mower Parts, here’s a quick list of features you can choose from:

  • Gas or electric powered trimmer: This is the most basic decision you’ll have to make in buying your trimmer. Electric trimmers are lightweight and quiet; cordless trimmers give you more mobility than corded ones, but they also need to be recharged. Gas trimmers provide heavier duty cutting than electric trimmers, but they’re noisy and require specific fuel and treatments to keep them going.

  • 2-cycle or 4-cycle engines: A majority of gas trimmers come in these two options. 2-cycle engines blend oil and gasoline, giving you a good balance of weight and power; however, you need the right fuel blend. 4-cycle engines run on gas alone, eliminating the need for fuel blending, but they’re often much heavier than their counterparts.

  • Single-line or dual-line heads: Single- vs. dual-line determines whether one string or two strings are emanating from the trimmer. While dual-line heads give you extra cutting power by cutting twice each rotation, single-line heads are much easier to re-string. Several options are available for the trimmer to re-string itself as needed, as well.

For the most part, your decisions for your string trimmer call into balance power vs. convenience. For an average homeowner, you’ll probably choose more convenient options; lawn service professionals, however, should look for a boost in power. Still not sure which type of trimmer is best for you? Gator is here to help. Give us a call at 407-260-1292 to learn more today.

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